ReBloom: From trauma to trust in sex, love and society

Created by Rachael Maddox

Soulful stories and practical guidance for sexual and emotional healing after trauma. Let's revive our collective garden, together.

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When a book writes YOU. (ReBloom Update)
about 2 years ago – Wed, Aug 08, 2018 at 08:34:58 PM

Beautiful people,

THIS BOOK has taken me on a JOURNEY. And I am so so grateful for it.

Some things that are becoming crystal clear as I journey with the soul of ReBloom. 

1. Sex is the seed of humanity. 

2. Depending on the health of our collective soil (and our unique identity planted in a unique place and time), our roots either penetrate and expand into the depths of the underworld so we can root and RISE with vibrant, life-giving capacity, or – our roots shrink and shrivel, stunting our capacity to grow into our soul's truest call, our hearts wildest expression. (PS–Our souls and hearts long for sexual vitality... Imagine yourself a flower! Helloooo, pollinating the ecosystem. Definitely part of your destiny.) 

3. In other words, what happens to your SEX happens to your LIFE.

4. In honest, honorable containers where the truth is revered and authentic wildness encouraged, your sex (and your life) grow healthy, sometimes heartbreaking, but ultimately inspiring Majesty.

5. In secretive, suppressive, scarce and shameful containers where sex (and life) must be bought and sold, wagered and won over, proven and provided like a penance for your existence, the worst of our humanity is revealed and our creative, pleasurable potential wilts and withers under the weight of both collective and personal trauma spells.

6. Moving from a culture of violence to a culture of trust, starting close close close in – with you, your heart, your body, your sexy parts, your sex life, your soul, your COMMUNITY – is what ReBloom is all about. 

7. This work cannot be done successfully in isolation. As such, I will be birthing a ReBloom Collective verrrry soon that'll be the TEAM of seasoned healers/teachers/guides. Together, we will train ReBloom Facilitators from all over the world, empowering them to build local, place-based healing communities for trauma resolution and whole-self reclamation/emancipation.

8. I am one of many doing my part in a GREAT MOVEMENT of cultural transformation. This movement won't happen from top-down approaches, but much like #metoo and the #silencebreakers, it will be fractal, grassroots, and relationship-based. I am so excited to be birthing a more circular leadership model in alignment with the frequency of the movement to which I'm devoted.

9. You see those various archetypes in the picture above? (Soul Seed, Gatekeeper, Expressionista, Sage, Groundskeeper, Pollinator and Sacred Gardener...) These are the core roots of identity reclamation that ReBloom will guide you through. They're also the leadership roles that all ReBloom Facilitators will grow in themselves and guide in their clients. They're ALSO a teamwork framework for forming a successful ReBloom Collective in your local community, wherein natural gifts can be put together to create potent, safe, trauma-informed offerings that heal and restore vitality to any ecosystem... See what I mean about a book writing me? It's been wild. And I am SO EXCITED about what's coming down the pike.

10. Yes – ReBloom will still answer questions about dissociation in sex and dating after trauma and moving from pain to pleasure, etc etc etc. It'll position that information inside a gorgeous, earth-based framework that will help you feel the bigger picture of your personal healing and our collective transformation.

All that said, know this –

ReBloom is taking longer to write than I had initially anticipated it would. From a name change to an editor change to the rearranging it's doing to me as I write it... I'm truly following the genius of this book's seed so it can grow the most vibrant and medicinal magic for you.

I so appreciate your trust and patience! 

I'm working out my new expected publish date, but it's looking like early spring 2019 is most likely. Bloom time, baby.

That's all for now. Except! If you ordered the DUO BOOK BUNDLE, including Secret Bad Girl, we will be shipping Secret Bad Girl to you sooner so you don't have to wait. 

Biggest love. Biggest gratitude. Thanks for being one of many doing your part, as well. I know you are. That's obviously why you're here. :) 

Love love love,


PS! – Speaking of Secret Bad Girl... the audiobook is LIVE. Head HERE to tune into a preview and/or snag your copy. There's a free, printable Secret Bad Girl Manifesto at that same link that you can plaster all over your house for sacred reminders of how to love the shit out of yourself as you heal. Check it out. xox

Big Announcement! I changed the name of the book!
over 2 years ago – Mon, Apr 02, 2018 at 05:32:24 PM

Hello wonderful incredible humans,


This winter, post-Kickstarter, was a time of great incubation and research for me. I've been working with 25 women in a Sex After Trauma School, and the experiences we've been having in that space are informing the book in seriously incredible ways. I'm thrilled to share with you a process that's so effective and powerful for holistic sexual healing after trauma.

Speaking of which... for a while now, the name of the book felt "off" to me. Like it didn't quite capture the full scope of the process that gives way to a transformed sex life.

So often I share with my clients that super satisfying sex is about all the things that aren't sex getting into alignment first. Then sex is the flowering, the bloom – but there's no bloom without healthy soil, sturdy roots, a solid stem.

So speaking of blooming... the new title of the book. Drum roll, please...

ReBloom – The Path to Healthy Sex, Love and Intimacy After Trauma

ReBloom is full of the same helpful stories, maps and strategies as Sex After Trauma (it's the exact same book, basically), but the central metaphor of reblooming ties it all together in a way that honors and highlights the embodied lifecycle of sexual healing.

I can't wait to share the whole concept with you in detail (!), but for now... I hope you love the new title and... thank you. I'm super grateful you've entrusted me to write this important book for you. 

It feels like a risk to change the name (Will you like it? Will you be mad at me for supporting something with a different name at first? Will the new name translate widely?), but my heart and soul know it's the right move. 

The name of a book, in a lot of ways, is like its destiny. This book begged me for a name that felt more vibrant and alive, hopeful and holistic. I heard the call, and heeded it.

So excited to get this baby in your hands, fall 2018.

Also! I want to give you a little update on backer reward fulfillment. So much has been happening behind the scenes!

Here's the run down of what's done and what's still to come for you, my awesome Kickstarter backers.

What's Done:: 

  • The Secret Bad Girl Song – Recorded in my pop-up living room studio with my besties on my birthday. Click right HERE to listen in. (Thanks, Matt Haeck for producing!)
  • The Safest & Sexiest Dance Party EVER – Was beyond fun, healing, luscious, ALIVE. Thanks for all y'all who came into town for this special event and boogied your souls with mine. 
  • Shabbat Dinner & Mini Music Concert – Okay, like... sweetest Shabbat ever. Lovely humans came from all over the country to linger around a table and feast and share stories and sing songs way into the night... so divine. 
  • The Sex After Trauma School – One month to go in this potent 4-month journey... we've gathered together week after week to unshame, reclaim and rearrange our relationship to our bodies, hearts, sex and sensuality. It's been big. And powerful. And vulnerable. And beautiful. 
  • The Sex After Trauma Sisterhood – Similarly, we've been meeting TWICE a week for 3 months and just experienced a 3-day, 4-night in-person retreat that ROCKED. The unshaming, the sensual erotic self-discovery, the solidarity and life-changing relationships... so palatable, nourishing, and life-giving. 
  • One-on-one's – Most of you have had your sacred sessions or we're in the middle of some tender magic. I'm so grateful to be traveling this brave territory together.

What's Still To Come:: 

  • All About Sex Interview Bundle – These juicy interviews are complete and in post-production now. Should be ready to send out within 2 weeks! 
  • Writing Through the Hard Stuff – Also all ready to go. Coming to your inboxes tomorrow! Woo hoo! 
  • All the BOOKS – for the sake of simplicity, here are the estimated drop dates for each book and format:: 
  • ReBloom E-book: est. July 2018 ReBloom Audiobook: est. September 2018 
  • ReBloom Paperback: est. September 2018
  • ReBloom Workbook: est. September 2018 
  • Secret Bad Girl E-book: est. July 2018 (second edition!)
  • Secret Bad Girl Audiobook: est. July 2018 (finished recording! In post-production now)
  • Secret Bad Girl Paperback: est. September 2018 (second edition!)

Note: If you ordered the Duo Book Bundle, the print books will ship together in a bundle in September. If you're dying to read Secret Bad Girl now, send us a line and we'll get it to you early. 

Also, please know you can email if ever you have a question about your reward fulfillment! (Thanks, Lisa, for all you do behind the scenes to move my work into the world!)

Okay, so that's all the big news.

Oh, and, I'm dancing 5 songs a day (one in each of the 5 rhythms) 5 days a week until the book is complete. Because... dance is sanity. Here's a fun 5rhythms playlist I made – if your body is aching to move and groove, it should do the trick. Enjoy!

BIG LOVE. So much. Thank you.

To reblooming this spring and beyond... 



Action Needed!* Please fill out your surveys by FRIDAY :)
over 2 years ago – Tue, Jan 30, 2018 at 10:27:27 AM

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How to get your Sex After Trauma Reward! Please read*
over 2 years ago – Wed, Jan 17, 2018 at 11:52:51 PM

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thank you so very much.
over 2 years ago – Thu, Dec 28, 2017 at 12:45:34 PM

beautiful humans,

my heart is full. my mind is tired. my body is so glad to be chillin' on my parents' couch.

i'm gonna take the holidays off, but i'll be back in the new year with some updates about reward deliveries and writing progress.

thank you for saying YES to this book, which is really about saying YES to the possibility that you can experience healthy sex, safe love and intimate belonging...even now, even after all this.

i'm grateful (SO grateful) i get to write this book for you. to draw you a map for your sacred reclamation. to tell you stories of the things that changed everything for me and my clients.

so exciting! rest and digest what we just did together.


almost $44,000!

you humans.

love love love love love. xo, Rachael